Bungy Jump at Bloukrans
Bungy Jump at Bloukrans

Bungy Jump at Bloukrans the worlds highest bungy jump bridge.

This is a 216m jump of pure adrenalin.

Bloukrans bungy board Bloukrans Registration Office

This is the board at the entrance of the Bloukrans Bungy jump bridge. The second board is at the registration office, where they weigh you and you pay them to go do this fantastic out of body experience.

Bloukrans bridge Bloukrans bridge
These two pictures are of the Bloukrans Bridge from the spectatorís area, where you can get something for your nerves if you need it. (me well I donít need Iíve got nerves of steel).
This is me I'm Tertius Botha

Watch the video of me doing this crazy jump at the Bloukrans bridge.

Wel this is me I turned 21 on the 21st of March and went out to the bridge to feel how it feels to jump of the worlds highest bungy bridge.